Upper Aynho Fishery
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Upper Aynho Grounds
OX17 3AY

01869 810607


Membership and Rules:
(updated 11 January 2021)

The Fishery is open only to members, but guests may be invited subject to permission from the owner, Dr. Richard Stephenson, who lives on the property.

Guests are expected to abide by the same rules as the rods and will be subjected to a catch limit. All fishermen must book in and out of the fishery, and record their catches. Members are allowed to catch and release.

The fishing season will start from Monday 1st of March and finish on Sunday 21st of November - the Fishery is open from 8.00am to dusk throughout the season.

 This year we shall close for five weeks in the summer from 12th of July to 16th of August to give the fish a rest and as at this time in previous years it has proved to not provide the best quality fishing. I hope you will all agree.

The trout fishing at Aynho is members only, (no day tickets).

Members can bring guests for a 30 fee with a limit of 3 fish.

Membership is split into half rods and full rods.

A half-rod can fish 2 or 3 days every other week taking 10 fish per calendar month.

A full rod can fish 2 or 3 days every week taking 15 fish per calendar month.

Members are reminded that only one fish over 2.5lbs may be taken on each occasion they fish and a maximum of 4 fish on each visit. 7 and 14 day memberships are also available with a 3 fish limit.


The week is divided into three sessions and you will need to let us know your preferred session.

  • Session 1: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Session 2: Thursday and Friday.

  • Session 3: Saturday and Sunday.

2021  Prices    
Full Rod 690 -  15 fish/month
-  4 fish/day
Half Rod  390 -  10 fish/month
-  4 fish/day
7 day membership 240 -  3 fish per visit
14 day membership 400 -  3 fish per visit
Members guests 30 -  3 fish limit

3 fish limit per day- No more than 1 fish over 2.5lbs on each occasion.

No Day Tickets